Pulling from an acute selection, Jules and Jim offers a wide range of weaves, prints, wallpapers, curtain rails, blinds, and carpets off the beaten track.

Regrouping small artisanal productions from different sources to allow them to better exist, putting forth the techniques used to better appreciate the work carried out, or mixing prints, weaves and materials, those are the goals that Jules and Jim consistently strives for to surprise and guide even the most demanding.

Personalized Fabrics and others…

Choosing from a range of mediums, we can help you ‘invent’ your own fabric, withou the obligation of large quantities.

We are also able to study any specific weaving on manual crafts; as well as the production of a printed or woven pattern on a fireproof support.

It is also possible to apply this principle for the creation of wallpapers or carpets.

Do not hesitate to push the door of our showroom and allow us to participate in your projects and guide you through its creation.


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