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Exclusive distributor of upholstery and wallpaper. Julesetjim.fr, a world of luxury to embellish your home. Decoration, hotel projects, decoration of yachts. Andrew Martin · Bart Halpern · Borderline · Brochier · Chevalier Ragueneau · Christine Vanderhurd …

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4 Spaces: wallpapers 2018

4 Spaces: wallpapers 2018

Graphic, design and modern, these contemporary wallpapers illuminate a room with their versatile, shifting, or linear lines.

Like materials on the wall, they play with light and the juxtaposition of bright and contrasting colors.

They will give a new dimension to your room, with an urban, vibrant, and audacious touch.

Leather weaves by Kapara

Leather weaves by Kapara

In matte or spangled leather, these artisanal weaves are true one-of-a-kinds which require multiple steps of creation; from dyeing the leather to the frame, from the cutting of the material to the weaving, a true artist’s work is done with Justine’s talent and creativity.

This collection offers infinite possibilities of colors and textures for use as wall hangings or decorative panels. 

Ze… Conzeta

Ze… Conzeta

Based in Madrid,this young house of upholstery textiles was created by audacious industrials. By focusing on the exclusive use of natural fibers and on the weaving process while taking care of the tactile finish and polyvalent quality of each fabric, Ze Conzeta has made itself a beautiful space in the world of editors.

Wallpapers by Jules et Jim

Wallpapers by Jules et Jim

Gabrielle Collection

Jules et Jim presents its first collection of wallpapers, Gabrielle, illustrated by Gabrielle Regnault.

Near to nature and its elements, this collection plays on their infinite combinations of textures and motifs.

These wallpapers are originally elaborated on painted and patinated panels, reworked afterwards with different techniques (rollers, gold leaves, engraved plaster), giving them a sensation of relief and depth.

We invite you to come discover them at our showroom.

Colorings can be modified with orders of 4 rolls or more.

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